• About Flashlights

  • About output modes: what's "Digital" and "100% only"?
    “Digital” means the flashlight’s lamp assembly has built-in output modes. Users can change modes by pressing the tactical button switch. The modes change in a certain sequence and the whole sequence recurs in cycles. Our standard digital mode is 100% brightness, 20% brightness, 2% brightness and Tactical Strobe.
    “100% only” means the flashlight only has one single mode of full brightness.

  • What does flashlight model name with a "Pro" mean?
    All our “Pro” models refer to flashlights with our unique Procap-Presettable Tailcap. Users can select one of the 6 modes on Procap in advance. You could find more details of Procap here.

  • Can I change my flashlight into “Pro” version by replacing the tailcap?
    If your Wolf-Eyes® flashlight originally works on 6A- or 6HA-tailcap, and only has single-mode, you could upgrade it into “Pro” version simply by replacing the tailcap. However, Procap is NOT suitable for flashlights with Digital modes.

  • For USB rechargeable flashlights: why doesn’t the charging process start after I have connected the USB charger with the flashlight?
    The charging process will only start when the flashlight is at “ON” position. The indicator near the charging port will also turn red if the process begins properly.


  • About Accessories

  • Can I recharge any rechargeable li-ion batteries on CH-01 AC / DH-01 Car Charger?
    No. Wolf-Eyes® CH-01 AC / DH-01 Car Chargers are designed for high-quality li-ion rechargeable batteries with multiple protections only (undercharge, overcharge, short-circuit protection, etc.). Using unprotected or poor-quality batteries can be dangerous and is strongly NOT recommended. We won’t be responsible for any problems caused by improper use of our products.

  • What's the difference between HDB-168 and LRB-168A battery?
    Like LRB-168, HDB-168 also belongs to 18650 type li-ion rechargeable battery, but HDB-168 utilizes top-quality power battery cell that has much better discharge ability due to its extremely low internal resistance. That means it is able to give out larger current than LRB-168A battery. All our latest “Ultra” series models have to work on HDB-168 batteries to reach their designed output. But please note that using HDB-168 batteries won’t increase the output of older Wolf-Eyes® flashlight models due to their electrical design.


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