Standard Holster

Easy Carrying Pouch for Flashlight

Key Features

  • Made with nylon: strong, reliable and light weighted.
  • Three sizes available: standard size for Wolf-Eyes® single-18650 battery flashlights with head diameter under 50mm, L Size for head diameter 50mm - 60mm, and S Size for compact sized flashlight models.
  • Strong Velcro on the holster cover: prevents flashlight from falling out by accident.
  • Double belt loop design on the back: one openable loop and one fixed loop underneath.
  • Both Velcro and rivet on the openable belt loop (excluding L Size): firmly attaches the holster to waist belt or other kinds of load-carrying equipment.
  • Belt loop size of min. 66mm: suitable for a large range of load-carrying equipment.





Standard Size: 195mm x 50mm x 35mm

S Size: 165mm x 43mm x 35mm

L Size: 215mm x 66mm x 63mm


Standard Size: 38g

S Size: 37g

L Size: 50g

Belt Loop Size

Standard Size: Height 76mm x Width 25mm

S Size: Height 66mm x Width 25mm

L Size: Height 85mm x Width 35mm

Applicable Flashlight Models

Standard Size: Siniper-E Series, Ranger Series, Numen-I, X-Beam Series, Nite Hunter Series, Sniper-II Series, T3-II Series, Tac Raptor, Pro Police, Digital Police, Guider Series

S Size: 6 Series, Defender-III Series

L Size: Trooper Series, Ranger 56 Series

Standard Holster
Easy Carrying Pouch for Flashlight
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